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Please note that the videos differ in length. Each student needs to schedule sufficient time to view the content as if attending a class room. The videos will only be available to view for 14 days. It is not advised to purchase both subjects at the same time.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Estates

    Perfect for someone who wants to pass the first time.
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • 7 videos to study on your own time and at your own pace
    • Easy to understand the L & D Account
    • Detailed explanation of how to draw the L & D Account
    • Understand Estate Duty once and for all
    • Application of examination questions
    • Tips to pass the examination
    • Study Material to print
    • Examples and examination questions with answers to print
    • Access to me via email to answer your questions
  • Bookkeeping

    1 250R
    Perfect for anyone new or experienced to Bookkeeping
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • 5 easy to understand videos
    • Detailed explanation of general principles
    • Bank Reconciliation / Fixed Property / Correspondents
    • Application of general principles to any question
    • Trick questions explained
    • Tips on how to answer the question paper
    • Access to me via email to answer your questions
If interested in one of the plans please EFT the full amount to the following details:

V Johnson
Reference: your name(Estates / Bookkeeping)
Cheque account number: 1105002624
Branch Code: 110234
Send proof of payment to: 

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